Introduction to Oracle cards

A beginners guide to working with Oracle decks

Introduction to Oracle cards 

This beginner course is for anyone who would like a little bit of guidance about how to understand and work with Oracle decks for personal insight and guidance 

What you learn

  • What is an Oracle deck?
  • How can I use it?
  •  Cleansing an area
  • Grounding techniques 
  • Working with your own intuition
  • How to create a sacred space
  • Colour associations and Imagery prompts
  • Card Layouts
  • Forming your question

The course layout includes Videos, downloadable PDFs you can print and use to create a resource that builds each week as you move through the lessons and do the associated homework activities as well as downloadable card layout suggestions and worksheets to record your own Oracle readings 

You will learn how to use your intuition, how to understand the colour and imagery and how these can add  valuable insight to your oracle readings 

COURSE BEGINS February 2019 

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Laura  Bowen
Laura Bowen
Head Mistress

About the instructor

Laura Bowen is an artist, author and Nature reader who brings a diverse range of skills together to offer you a truly unique learning experience. 

With her background in Education, consultancy, divination, spirituality and culture,  Laura weaves and shares her knowledge and experiences through her art, workshops and her published works to empower, enlighten and inspire others to value the connection between themselves, spirit and the natural environment. 

Laura's Indigenous connections are to the Worimi and Biripi people of the Manning River area of NSW. She takes great pride in not only her Aboriginal heritage but of all the influences that are sewn into the tapestry that is her blood line.

What's included?

2 Texts
3 PDFs

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1 What is an Oracle card deck?
Lesson 3 - Getting to know your Oracle cards

If you are ready  to learn how to work with Oracle cards for personal insight and guidance then this course is for you.

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