Exploring your creative Self

Using Nature for creative inspiration

This course is for anyone who wishes to have more creativity in their life. We look at a wide range of creative outlets and variety of artistic mediums. 

WEEK 1 - suggestions on how to tap into your own creative self expression and intuitive self

How to make time for creating

Setting up a creative space 

WEEK 2 - Working with nature for inspiration 

Finding your preferred mediums introduction to Creative journaling

WEEK 3 - Grounding and raising personal power 

How to infuse magic into all of your creative practices and expression.

WEEK 4 -A beginners guide to Crafting magical herbal gifts.

WEEK 5 -How to reproduce your art via various  mediums which includes  how to scan, resize and understand digital file types. 

WEEK 6- How to make glass art jewellery.

WEEK 7 - Nature inspired art and crafts 

WEEK  8 - Sharing you creative self with the world. How to set up social media pages, write and artist bio and where you can sell your art 

Open now for enrolments. 

Classes begin 2nd February 2018

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Laura  Bowen
Laura Bowen
Head Mistress

About the instructor

Laura Bowen is an artist, author and Nature reader who brings a diverse range of skills together to offer you a truly unique learning experience. 

With her background in Education, consultancy, divination, spirituality and culture,  Laura weaves and shares her knowledge and experiences through her art, workshops and her published works to empower, enlighten and inspire others to value the connection between themselves, spirit and the natural environment. 

Laura's Indigenous connections are to the Worimi and Biripi people of the Manning River area of NSW. She takes great pride in not only her Aboriginal heritage but of all the influences that are sewn into the tapestry that is her blood line.

What's included?

1 Survey
2 Multimedia
24 Texts
11 PDFs

Course Curriculum

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